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Division of Retirement Assets

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The more time two people spend as a married couple, the more property and assets they accumulate. All of these assets must then be distributed between the parties in the event of a divorce. Anything gained during the marriage is subject to division, including pensions. If you find yourself needing to divide retirement assets and pensions, having a skilled Delray Beach property division attorney is key to navigating this complex area of law. For many people, retirement benefits represent a significant percentage of the overall assets – this means it is especially important to plan accordingly. At Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group, P.A., we have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order

A qualified domestic relations order, or QDRO, is a type of domestic relations order which establishes one party’s right to obtain payments from the other party’s retirement account. This order may be included as part of the final divorce settlement, or may be established at a later date as a distinct order.

In order to be valid, a QDRO must contain:

  • Your name and mailing address
  • Your spouse’s name and mailing address
  • The retirement plans
  • The number of payments to be made, or the duration of time
  • The amount to be paid, or an equation to determine the amount

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