Protecting Your Interests In Divorce


Whether you are choosing to obtain a divorce or you are being forced into this process, it is imperative that you know your rights and potential exposure. Even if you do not want a divorce, if your spouse wants a divorce then you will be facing the divorce process. This can be very difficult for people of faith to accept because this means that even if you do not believe in divorce and refuse to get divorced — the court will eventually grant the divorce. For those forced into this process, it is imperative that you do so with an attorney who understands this aspect of the divorce.

Every divorce case brings a different set of circumstances and different legal issues. The team of lawyers at Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group, P.A., has unparalleled experience in navigating our clients through this difficult process and handling the challenges that may arise, be it child custody (parenting) or financially related. Our office is in Palm Beach County, Florida and we serve Palm Beach, Broward and Martin counties while providing divorce litigation consulting and family law appeals throughout the state of Florida

Our carefully selected team of divorce attorneys negotiate when possible and aggressively litigate when necessary. If litigation is required, our attorneys are highly skilled and effective in the courtroom. And when a divorce is settled without a trial, our lawyers' strategy, negotiation and compilation of settlement documents is clear, comprehensive and straightforward to avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

Protecting Your Financial Interests And The Best Interests Of Your Children

We handle both uncontested and contested divorces. Even where you are in agreement with your spouse when it comes to dividing property and caring for your children, you still need a skilled attorney to make sure that your divorce documents protect you from unforeseen problems in the future and to get you through the court system.

Very few people can get through a divorce without some level of complexity. Our law firm handles highly complex divorce and simplified divorce issues. We have extensive knowledge in the many types of disagreements and delays that can occur. We have tried-and-true tactics for helping clients through these difficulties.

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