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Broken home, broken dreams: A father's fight for child custody

For many, getting married and starting a family can be a dream come true. As families expand and children grow, parents look fondly back upon the humble beginnings that produced life-long bonds of love and support. Sadly, things don't always work out as planned, and for one Florida father, what seemed like a dream come true quickly turned into a nightmarish child custody dispute

The man found a person he thought was the love of his life, a woman from half a world away, whose beliefs and goals seems to align neatly with his. The woman was a resident of a foreign country, but she soon came to the United States and married the man. The couple welcomed a baby shortly after their marriage, and it seemed like a fairy tale ending. 

How Much Does a Florida Divorce Lawyer Cost and 5 Ways to Keep Fees Low.

Most marital and family law attorneys charge an hourly rate which is deducted from the upfront retainer payment. The retainer is not a flat rate and, in most firms, is expended and needs to be replenished throughout the case. The total cost of attorney's fees for a divorce can be easily calculated by multiplying the chosen attorney's hourly rate by the amount of time it takes to bring the case to a conclusion. Paralegal time, charged at a lower rate, can also be utilized, when appropriate, to reduce the overall costs of the divorce case. The difficulty is estimating the amount of attorney hours the case will need in advance of commencing the case.

Pet custody a rising factor in millenial divorce

Florida couples may choose to end their marriage for many reasons. No matter how difficult it is to come to a decision to end a marriage, not every divorce is contemptuous; in fact, some are quite amicable. Nevertheless, even when things seem to be going smoothly, there are usually some points of disagreement between divorcing parties. In recent years, the issue of pet custody has become a common factor during a divorce.

Especially among the millennial generation, pet ownership is at an all-time high. Many pet owners spare no expense when it comes to the care of the family dog, cat or other beloved animal friend. Many modern pet owners even refer to themselves as "pet parents," holding their pet in the same loving regard as they would a child. 

Maintaining a healthy marriage over the holidays

The holiday season can be chaotic, especially for married couples and families with children. Who is bringing the pie for Thanksgiving? What are the kids going to wear to Christmas mass? Will your house be clean enough for your in-laws? You can become overburdened by trivial matters and forget the things that matter most.

Amidst the chaos this holiday season, remember to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse. That way, you can ensure there will be more family holidays for years to come.

Woman accused of lying to gain child custody

It is certainly stressful when parents disagree about a parenting issue. Child custody disputes in Florida can result in contentious courtroom battles. Some parents decide to take matters into their own hands, violating a court order in favor of what they see as the greater good. When they do, they may end up facing serious criminal charges. 

Recently, a Florida woman cooked up a scheme to try to get custody of a small child. The woman falsely reported that an unknown person approached her with an infant in tow. She claimed the woman told her that she did not feel capable of caring for the child and simply gave her the baby. 

Matter of family law lands man on "most wanted" list

Florida residents may be familiar with the "most wanted" list. Often posted in the newspaper, and on public bulletin boards, this list identifies those that are said to be on the run from the law, and asks for the public's assistance providing any information they may have on the whereabouts of an individual on the list. Though many people may imagine that it would take a violent or drug-related crime to land an individual on such a list, matters of family law are also serious in the eyes of the justice system. 

One Florida man now finds himself on the most wanted list for failing to pay his child support. A warrant was issues for his arrest, and he has not turned himself in or apparently take any action to remedy the nonpayment. The courts do not take violation of a child support order lightly, and failing to make timely payments in the proper amount can result in fines, jail time and other serious penalties. 

Mother's bad decision may lead to change in child custody

Many Florida parents may still be cleaning up the mess of costumes and candy wrappers left in the wake of another successful Halloween. Though trick-or-treating is traditionally a children's activity, responsibility falls on the parent to supervise one's children and make sure no harm comes to them as they traverse the neighborhood to collect their sugary bounty. Even if a family lives in a "safe" neighborhood, it is never a good idea to allow children to wander unattended, and as one mother recently learned, such a decision can lead to a change in child custody

The ordeal began when adults discovered a small boy dressed like an astronaut as the Halloween festivities came to an end in a Florida community. The boy stated that he was lost, and though he knew his address, he was unsure of how to return home. He then indicated that his mother was at home resting, and he had been out getting candy alone for several hours. 

When should you file for divorce?

Florida residents might find themselves considering divorce. Just as each marriage is unique, each divorce is unlike any other. How do you know when it's time to file? 

Recently, a group of women were asked when they knew it was time to call it quits. Though each had a very different reason, their answers help explain why a "deal breaker" can be different for each relationship. Their open and honest responses may help others come to terms with their own reasoning to file for divorce. 

Parents beware: criminal allegations can affect child custody

Florida parents know how difficult it can be to raise children. Often, parents struggling with underlying issues, such as addiction may have a difficult time understanding how dangerous their choices can be for their children. On some occasions, a near-tragedy can make other family members wonder if they should take action to change child custody. 

Recently, a Florida mother was contacted by police as she waited for a friend in her car. She was not driving at the time, but her vehicle was stopped in an area that does not allow parking on the street. Police discovered a child in the vehicle, and determined that the woman was her mother. 

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