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When exes move on, child custody may be a concern

Florida parents know that, when it comes to co-parenting with an ex, there can be tension. While surely, exes can make every effort to put their differences aside for the sake of a child they share, when one moves on to a new relationship, there might be trouble or concerns. Child custody can be tricky, and a recent celebrity story illustrates how parents must use their best judgement to try to protect their children. 

Many people are probably familiar with Rob Kardashian, reality television star and entrepreneur. Rob is no longer in a romantic relationship with the mother of his child, and she has recently started a romance with a new man. While Rob may not be jealous or bitter, he does have serious concerns about the new man being around his child, and it seems he has valid reasons. 

Is it possible to divorce without a fight?

Whether a Florida spouse has been married for six months or several decades, any number of issues can cause a serious enough breakdown in a relationship that a decision is made to call it quits. The overall rate of divorce in the United States is reportedly in decline. However, it is still highly likely that many couples in this state will file divorce before the year is over.

What concerns many spouses is that they have no desire to get stuck in a long, knock-down, drag-out court battle. They'd rather resolve issues, sign papers and move on in life. The good news is that it is often possible to achieve a peaceful settlement, especially if spouses keep several things in mind.

Intervention and child custody

Florida families might have a tough time deciding when and if someone needs to intervene to protect young children. Many people may not want to offend a parent by insinuating that his or her home is not an acceptable environment for his or her children. When it comes to child custody, sometimes, difficult decisions must be made. 

Recently, Florida authorities arrived at the home of a young mother with several small children. When the authorities arrived, the mother did not hear them enter because she was asleep in a locked bedroom, admittedly tired from a night out with friends. The children were found in a state of neglect, with unkempt appearance, dental problems, and even bleeding wounds from stepping on broken glass in the home.

Support for adoptive families a matter of family law

Florida residents may be among the thousands of Americans who have considered adopting a child. Adoption is a legal process that falls under the umbrella of family law. Though in many cases, adoption can be a joyful experience for children and parents, there are cases where everything may not go as planned. Unforeseen troubles may result in years of emotional turmoil. 

A recent case reveals the potential struggles of adopting a child. The ordeal began when a family adopted a boy out of the foster care system. It became evident that the child, prone to violent outbursts, had mental health issues. The parents were told that, though there are safety nets in place to provide troubled children with the care they need, they did not qualify for assistance and would have to pay out of pocket. 

Divorce: Toxic relationships lead to toxic lives

Many people have qualms about divorce. We make a promise for life and we intend to keep it. But sometimes the person we married when we were 18 or 20 is not the person we are married to when we are 35 or 40. Sometimes our partners become lonely and alienated, or develop coping behaviors that are not conducive to a relationship.

Our partners become, in other words, toxic. That toxic person leads to a toxic relationship, and research shows that toxic relationship leads to unhappiness, illness and even an early death.

Basketball star files for divorce, reveals prenuptial agreement

When Florida couples tie the knot, considering an end to the marriage may be the furthest thing from either party's mind. Realistically, many marriages are unsuccessful, and a person may find himself or herself considering divorce. While certainly, in modern times, divorce is not taboo, as it was once considered to be in many cultures, divorce can be a difficult process

Recently, NBA legend Amar'e Stoudemire filed for divorce from his wife of six years. The Florida resident states that, from his perspective, the marriage is irretrievably broken. The couple shares four minor children, and Stoudemire maintains a permanent residence in the state of Florida. 

Family law cases can benefit at-risk kids

In the state of Florida, a child discovered to be living in unsafe conditions can be removed from the care of his or her parents. When social services becomes involved, it falls upon social workers to use their training to decide if a child is being abused or neglected to the point that he or she may benefit from a new living situation. Especially with a drug epidemic taking hold across the nation, more children than ever are being removed from a parent's care. In some situations, a child may have another relative that is qualified to care for them, and a relative can attempt to modify child custody in a court of family law. 

There is a growing need for loving, stable homes for children in Florida and other states. Often, a child who is removed due to problems in the home winds up on foster care. The foster care system is totally overwhelmed. Reports from state officials indicate that there are children who are often bounced from house to house, sometimes several times a week. 

FBI becomes involved in child custody case

Florida residents are aware that record numbers of children in the United States are now living with their grandparents. Situations where a parent is unable to care for a child, such as a drug addiction or other serious instability, abuse or neglect, can lead to a legal change in child custody. This type of situation can be tricky for grandparents because, while they are compassionately caring for their grandchildren, sacrificing their golden years to become a parent again, biological parents may become angry at the arrangement. 

Recently, a boy in the legal custody of his grandparents was allowed to visit with his biological mother, a Florida resident, for the holidays. The boy and his grandparents live in another state, and the mother traveled to see her son for a few hours. What could be seen as an act of mercy on the part of the grandparents quickly turned into a frightening situation. 

New year, new laws: taxes and divorce

A Florida resident may decide to file for divorce for a number of reasons, and this year, the scale for his or her decision may be tipped toward filing quickly for an important reason. Federal tax laws will change in 2019, and the new laws will directly affect people involved in a divorce. Traditionally, a person who had been ordered to pay alimony or spousal support could deduct the amount paid on their income taxes. The new law revokes this previous opportunity for taxpayers. 

Under the new laws, a divorced person who pays alimony will no longer be allowed to deduct the amount from the income claimed on their federal tax return. The federal government is looking to save money by eliminating such deductions. Now, a person may have to pay more in taxes, though the amount of alimony received by the other party will remain the same. 

What is a Safe Exchange Zone? Big news for child custody

Florida parents may be among the thousands of Americans who do not share a home with their child's other parent. In many cases, a child custody order may be put into place by the court, providing time for a non-custodial parent, or another family member like a grandparent, to have a set of days and times where a child will be visiting them. Even parents who have joint custody will likely have to arrange to meet the other party to drop off or pick up the child. 

Though certainly not all custody exchanges are contentious, they have the potential to be. Many parents choose to have the other party meet them at a neutral location to avoid having to enter each other's homes. Some custody orders even specify who will accompany the child and where the exchange will happen.  

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