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Faith-Based Divorce Negotiating When Possible, Aggressively Litigating When Necessary

Faith-Based Divorce in Delray Beach

Turn to a Team of Divorce Attorneys that Supports Your Faith in South Florida

For countless people the world over, the primary guiding force in their life is their faith. When life circumstances become difficult to reconcile with that faith, it can be a challenging experience – but having a legal team on your side that understands can make all the difference. At Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group, P.A., our team knows how important your faith is to you, and we are able to help you navigate complex family law matters in a way that honors your belief.

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The Divorce Help You Need

As family law attorneys of faith, we know that our clients deserve a legal team that can offer both experienced representation in logistical matters and compassionate care in spiritual ones.

We can help our clients take a faith-based approach to matters such as:

When you choose a firm that shares your convictions, you can be certain that the legal guidance you receive will be in keeping with what is most important to you. Making informed decisions about your family’s future is much easier with this kind of reassurance.

Mediation Services

Couples who can work together amicably may find benefits from working with a faith-based mediator. This person is someone who can not only help them reach agreements for their separation, but they can do while utilizing faith-based resolution methods.

These can include:

  • Invoking prayer at the start of negotiation
  • Remembering Biblical principles throughout the process
  • Choosing forgiveness and compassion
  • Committing to each other’s well-being, as well as the well-being of any children
  • Keeping promises made during mediation

A Christian mediator can help you retain your own integrity and be true to your faith while going through this difficult time.

Christian Counseling for Couples

Another method some people choose is to explore ways to work out problems by undergoing counseling with a religiously trained counselor. These professionals can help your marriage not only through helpful insight into possible causes of your problems, but also with ways to keep faith strong in your marriage. These personnel can be Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) who have training in how to lead you to solutions that work for your unique marriage.

When seeking a counselor for your marriage, consider:

  • Are they religiously active?
  • Do they have a reputation for reliable counseling?
  • Do they use prayer and scripture in their practice?

In finding a religious counselor, you and your spouse may be able to come to agreements about how to stay together or how to amicably divorce.

Faith-Based Divorce Lawyer

Another method of staying strong with your morals is to work with a faith-based family law firm. By involving prayer and scripture into your divorce planning, you can take confidence knowing your decisions have been made in accordance with God’s word. With your lawyer, you can plan out how to work toward a cooperative relationship with your spouse that will preserve peace and family unity for years to come.

A faith-based divorce lawyer can help you by:

  • Protecting your assets without involving unnecessary conflict
  • Ensuring children have what they need to continue their religious instruction
  • Helping you create Christian parenting plans

Divorce will never be an easy process, but with the right faith-based representation on your side, you can avoid some of the common challenges people face.

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