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Safety concerns can arise in any family law matter where family violence is involved. If you believe that you or your children are at risk due to your spouse’s behavior, then you may be able to take legal action to protect your family. Turn to our domestic violence lawyers in Delray Beach for reliable, compassionate representation that takes your needs seriously.

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Temporary Protective Orders in Florida

If you and your legal team file a petition alleging that an individual has committed an act of family violence, and is likely to do so again in the future, the Court may enter a temporary protective order.

This order can help to provide relief to the petitioner in a number of ways, including:

  • Preventing the offending party from committing future acts of family violence
  • Preventing interference or harassment from the offending party
  • Granting the petitioner sole access to the family residence
  • Requiring the offending party to offer alternate housing for the petitioner and their children
  • Awarding the petitioner temporary custody of the children
  • Awarding the petitioner temporary financial support

If the Court determines that evidence supports the domestic violence petition that was filed, a temporary protective order will be entered immediately. A hearing is then quickly scheduled – often within 14 days – to determine if the protective order will require any modifications or extensions.

Unfortunately, there are also situations in which a person is falsely accused of family violence / domestic violence in hopes of gaining an advantage in divorce proceedings. Our Delray Beach domestic violence attorneys have extensive experience in complex matters like these, and are prepared to protect your rights.

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