How to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce


If you are going through a divorce, you are probably doing your best to cope with the realization that your marriage is coming to an end. As difficult as this can be for adults, it is even more troubling for children who often cannot fathom the idea of their parents no longer being together. It is crucial for you and your spouse to work together to help ease their fears and anxieties. Despite the fact that you will no longer be a couple, you are both still their parents and need to provide strong support for them.

Helping your children cope with divorce begins the moment you break the news to them. Make sure you tell them during a time when they will have the opportunity to process the information and ask questions. You can also expect them to have more to say on the matter as time goes on, so make yourself available to them and be ready to talk.

Here are some tips that will allow you to help your children cope with your impending divorce:

  • Let them know that their feelings are valid: Your children are probably feeling upset, sad, or even lonely. No parent wants their child to feel these emotions, but it is important to let them know that these feelings are entirely valid. Encourage them to talk about their feelings. The best way to cope and move forward is to let it all out rather than bottling it up.
  • Help them articulate what they are trying to say: Even though your children are probably feeling a lot of emotions at this time, they might not know exactly how to articulate them all or express to you what they are thinking. Listen to them and try to help them transform their feelings into words. It might be difficult to hear what they have to say, but it will be immensely helpful for them.
  • Provide support: You do not necessarily need to hover around your children constantly, asking them if they need any help, but it would be a good idea to offer suggestions. If your spouse moved out, let your kids know that it is okay to give him or her a call. Ask them if they want to go for a walk to chat or simply sit together to enjoy some quality time. Knowing that you are there for them will go a long way during this difficult time.
  • Be good to yourself: You will be a better source of support for your children if you are also taking care of yourself, so remember to practice self-care. Eat a healthy diet, stay active, and consider hiring a therapist for you and your children to work through the emotional aspect of your divorce.

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