Helpful Tips for a Prenuptial Agreement


If you're considering asking your fiancé for a prenuptial agreement, here are some tips that may be helpful:

  1. Start the conversation early: The earlier you bring up the topic of a prenuptial agreement, the easier it will be to have a calm and productive discussion. Ideally, you should bring it up before you start making concrete plans for the wedding or combining finances.
  2. Be clear and direct: When you bring up the topic, be clear and direct about your reasons for wanting a prenuptial agreement. Explain that it's not because you don't trust your fiancé, but because you want to protect your assets and ensure that both of you are on the same page about financial matters.
  3. Listen to your fiancé's concerns: It's important to be open to your fiancé's concerns and questions about the prenuptial agreement. Be prepared to answer questions about what will and will not be covered by the agreement, and how it will be enforced if necessary.
  4. Work with a skilled attorney: If you and your fiancé decide to move forward with a prenuptial agreement, it's essential to work with a skilled attorney who can draft an agreement that is fair and legally enforceable. Look for an attorney who has experience handling prenuptial agreements and who can explain the process in clear and understandable terms. Make sure it is a divorce attorney, divorce attorneys litigate divorces and are in the best position to address the issues that come up in a divorce.
  5. Emphasize the benefits: Finally, when discussing a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé, emphasize the benefits for both of you. A prenuptial agreement can provide peace of mind and financial predictability for both partners and can help prevent conflicts down the line. By emphasizing these benefits, you can help your fiancé see the value in a prenuptial agreement and make the conversation less stressful.
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