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Divorce stressors don't always stem from legal matters

When discussing the many challenges people deal with when going through divorce, most people think about legal matters as the forerunners for stress. From dividing marital assets and debts to deciding who will get custody of the children and when, it's not difficult to see why not. In most divorces, these two areas see the most conflict, oftentimes requiring considerable patience in addition to time.

In some cases, however, divorce is more than just about working through legal matters. There are many other challenges and stressors couples may experience or need to take into consideration before tackling the process of dissolving a marriage. Ultimately for some, coming to a conclusion about these considerations could mean the difference between following through with divorce and not taking the plunge.

Considering faith

For many people in Florida and across the country, faith and religion can play a major role in whether or not a couple chooses to divorce or not. In many faiths, including certain sects of Judaism and Catholicism for example, the decision to divorce can mean everything from not being able to remain a member of a congregation to relationship conflicts with family members.

For devout followers of a faith, the consequences of getting a divorce may weigh heavily on their minds, potentially even causing more stress than legal matters do.

Considering the social stigma

Even though divorce is becoming more accepted as time goes on; in some social circles, divorce is still frowned upon. Individuals who derive their identity from their social circles may find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place if their desire to end a marriage clashes with the general beliefs of his or her social circle.

Whether because of religious beliefs or closely held personal morals, the negative social stigma associated with divorce can be a powerful deterrent for some when it comes to making this important life decision. Much as above, this consideration can add just as much stress as negotiating legal matters.

Considering age

Your age could also play a major role in whether you decide to divorce or not. This is especially true for individuals over the age of 50. Concerns about "getting back into the dating seen" or simply being able to find someone who as at the same point in their life can be stressful considerations and ultimately may deter some from getting a divorce.

Considering the emotional struggles

Whether you've been married five years or 25, you likely have a lot of time, energy and emotions invested in your relationship, which is why so many struggle with the prospect of divorce. For some, divorce is seen as a failure, which can make the pain of separation all that much more difficult. Ultimately, this could even be more stressful than -- or at least a compounding factor when handling -- legal matters.

Making the big decision isn't always easy

Whether your stress comes from dealing with legal matters or something else, it's important to consider all potential stressors before tackling the process of dissolving your marriage. From seeking help from a counselor to working closely with an attorney who can be your emotional and legal guide, there are numerous resources from which you can choose that can help make divorce a less stressful process for you. 

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