Unwanted Divorce – a Christian Perspective

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Florida, as in most states, is a no-fault system. This means that if your spouse wants to get divorced, it's going to happen. Courts in Florida do have the authority to put a temporary hold on the proceedings to allow for marriage counseling, but in practice, this almost exclusively occurs only when both spouses agree to do so.

What can you do if you find yourself in a situation where you don't want to get divorced? 

Here are some tips you may find helpful:


Beaulieu-Fawcett | Newell Law Group is a Christian organization that believes in the sanctity of marriage. God can intervene if it's in His will for your marriage to be reconciled. It may or may not be, though, and only God knows. Pour out your heart, wait, and listen.

Face Reality

If your spouse ultimately wants the divorce, the process will proceed with or without your involvement. Ignoring the situation will only prejudice your position, and will likely lead to turmoil, disappointment, and consternation in the months and years to come.

Seek Out Wise Counsel

Marriages don't often come to the point of divorce based solely on one person's failings. Whether you believe the breakdown in the relationship is due to you or your spouse, the chances are that you could use some wise counsel to give you a perspective on your situation, lift you up, and point you in the right direction. Choose your counsel carefully, though. Be wary of those who would merely heap criticism on your spouse, agree with everything you say, or be afraid to give you the honest feedback you need during this critical time.

Choose to Be in a Healthy Environment

Going through a divorce produces emotions across the spectrum of the human experience. It's also a time where sin and temptation are all the more so crouching at the door. Be aware of your situation, and proactively choose to be in a healthy environment where you can be built up rather than leave yourself vulnerable to be torn down.

Engage in Therapy

Invite your spouse to therapy if you haven't done so already. Perhaps they will agree; perhaps not. In either case, Godly counsel through a Christian therapist is vital during this challenging stage of your life.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

It's always reliable advice to have an advocate on your side when involved in any lawsuit, divorce included. It's called an adversarial system for a reason. A good attorney will give you a framework of understanding about what to expect in the process which will enable you to choose how you want to respond to the divorce that is being thrust upon you. They will also provide you with an objective perspective on your circumstances, a valuable frame of reference if your emotional state is anything but perfectly grounded.

If you are in the midst of a potential divorce, Beaulieu-Fawcett | Newell Law Group, P.A. can compassionately and knowledgeably walk you through the process in a manner which acknowledges and respects your convictions. Click here to learn more about our faith-based approach to divorce. We can't work miracles, but nothing stops God from doing so.

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