Intervention and Child Custody

mother and child

Florida families might have a tough time deciding when and if someone needs to intervene to protect young children. Many people may not want to offend a parent by insinuating that his or her home is not an acceptable environment for his or her children. When it comes to child custody, sometimes, difficult decisions must be made. 

Recently, Florida authorities arrived at the home of a young mother with several small children. When the authorities arrived, the mother did not hear them enter because she was asleep in a locked bedroom, admittedly tired from a night out with friends. The children were found in a state of neglect, with unkempt appearance, dental problems, and even bleeding wounds from stepping on broken glass in the home.

The home itself was in a sad state, with mold, garbage and pet mess everywhere. The authorities concluded, after realizing the mother was fully aware of the conditions and just did not seem to care, that the children should be removed immediately. The mother was charged with several crimes, including child neglect. 

If a Florida resident feels he or she should intervene for the sake of a child, he or she may do well to contact an attorney who has experience with child custody. An attorney can help a client explain why a child custody order needs to be established, modified or enforced. When young lives hang in the balance, time is of the essence, and an attorney can help a loving family member get the ball rolling. 

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