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When Exes Move On, Child Custody May Be a Concern

Florida parents know that, when it comes to co-parenting with an ex, there can be tension. While surely, exes can make every effort to put their differences aside for the sake of a child they share, when one moves on to a new relationship, there might be trouble or concerns. Child custody can be tricky, and a recent celebrity story illustrates how parents must use their best judgement to try to protect their children. 

Many people are probably familiar with Rob Kardashian, reality television star and entrepreneur. Rob is no longer in a romantic relationship with the mother of his child, and she has recently started a romance with a new man. While Rob may not be jealous or bitter, he does have serious concerns about the new man being around his child, and it seems he has valid reasons. 

The mother's new boyfriend has a record of child abuse, and by all accounts caused injury to a child some years ago, for which he received criminal punishment. Rob now fears that his own daughter may become a victim, and he is taking action to protect her. He is asking a court to issue an order, granting him full child custody, due to the fact that the mother is making decisions that may pose serious risk to the young girl. 

If a Florida parent feels he or she should take action in a child custody matter, he or she may feel overwhelmed and confused by the legal process. The good news is that a knowledgeable attorney can step in and provide guidance and support. An attorney can help a client establish, modify or enforce a child custody order, helping to ensure that parents can protect their children physically, emotionally and legally.