More Millennials Pursuing Prenups in Case Divorce Is Unavoidable


Getting divorced sometimes is unavoidable, and unfortunately, the process can be painful. This is why many millennials in Florida and other states today are choosing to put together prenuptial agreements prior to walking down the aisle. Specifically, research shows that over half of divorce attorneys have seen more millennials enter into these kinds of agreements during the past few years.

Millennials usually create prenuptial agreements because they want to keep their separate property protected in the event of a marital breakup. They also create these types of agreements because they want to spell out ahead of time how they would handle alimony and asset distribution during a divorce proceeding. A major reason why millennials are especially interested in prenuptial agreements is that they are getting married later in life, which means they are bringing more property into their marriages than older generations did.

The ideal situation when it comes to prenuptial agreement creation is for the agreement to treat both sides fairly. This is paramount even if one party ends up bringing more wealth into the marital union. If a prenuptial agreement is created properly, it can help couples to feel more in control of their financial situations even if divorce happens down the road. Also, while putting together their agreements, couples can engage in the essential financial conversations that many couples neglect to have before marrying.

However, in some cases, spouses in Florida get divorced without having created a prenuptial agreement. Fortunately, in these scenarios, they may still attempt to work out their divorce issues, like property distribution and spousal maintenance, outside of court, thus avoiding further court intrusion. Whether people need help with drafting prenuptial agreements or navigating divorce proceedings, an attorney can help them to achieve their goals with confidence in the Sunshine State.

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