Is It Okay To Date During a Divorce?


Divorce can be a lonely experience and, as you begin the process of unlinking your life from your spouse, you might feel tempted to find someone new to fill the void. Dating during the divorce process can create some problems, however, so this is generally something better left until after it is finalized. Waiting might seem like a tall order, but considering how much is at stake in a divorce, doing so can spare you a lot of trouble in the long run. Because dating can cause intense emotions for your spouse, it can result in an inability to reach a settlement.

Continue reading to learn more about the ways in which dating during your divorce can affect you and discover why you should hold off until after it is finalized:

  • It might harm your chances of amicably settling: If your spouse sees you with someone new so soon, it could sour negotiations before they even begin. Instead of shooting yourself in the foot so early on during the divorce process, try to be patient and hold off on dating to avoid any unnecessary hostility as you try to work toward a mutually agreeable resolution.
  • It can affect your relationship as co-parents: If you have children, you and your former spouse will continue to be in each other’s lives as co-parents long after your divorce is finalized. Therefore, it would be in the best interests of everyone involved, especially your children, for you to maintain a cooperative and healthy relationship with your co-parent. To avoid any unnecessary hostility, wait until after you are officially divorced before you begin hitting the dating scene again. No one is saying you need to wait forever, but you should try to avoid adding more stress to an already adversarial process.
  • It might have an impact on your children: Your kids are going through a lot right now and young children will need as much time as you can give them. However, if you are dating during the divorce process, you might not have as much time to spare for your children and, as a result, they might have a difficult time learning to cope with the changes brought on by the divorce. They might even feel a bit of anger or resentment toward you.
  • You need time to figure things out: Dating can probably make things a lot easier for you in the short-term. You will not feel quite so alone and you might even be lucky enough to find someone who is able to bring happiness during a time that might otherwise be filled with loneliness and despair. Instead of slapping on a Band-Aid for a temporary fix, take some time for yourself to heal from the pain of your divorce and figure out what you might really want and need from a relationship. Doing so will help ensure a stronger foundation for future partnerships.

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