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Is It Possible to Divorce Without a Fight?

Whether a Florida spouse has been married for six months or several decades, any number of issues can cause a serious enough breakdown in a relationship that a decision is made to call it quits. The overall rate of divorce in the United States is reportedly in decline. However, it is still highly likely that many couples in this state will file divorce before the year is over.

What concerns many spouses is that they have no desire to get stuck in a long, knock-down, drag-out court battle. They'd rather resolve issues, sign papers and move on in life. The good news is that it is often possible to achieve a peaceful settlement, especially if spouses keep several things in mind.

If a spouse is more concerned about gaining the upper hand in property division proceedings or child custody matters, things can get quite messy in court. If both spouses are willing to cooperate and avoid negativity, however, a settlement may be negotiable without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. It is also helpful to focus on the future rather than dwelling on what went wrong in a marriage.

Regardless of the exact issues that have led to a marital break-up, many people who have divorced say their most valuable coping skill was their ability to forgive. Letting go of hurt feelings may not only help achieve a peaceful settlement, it can also pave the way toward a happier future. If a legal problem arises during divorce proceedings or at any time thereafter, a person who wishes to keep things civil can turn to an experienced Florida family law attorney for support rather than risk confrontation by trying to resolve a legal issue without representation.